Thursday, April 21, 2011

Debbie and Dale Star in an "Elopement Tale"

What a beautiful bride she was! folks were looking out the windows from above onto the garden grounds to watch the simply lovely wedding for Debbie and Dale. The red buds were falling and surrounding them in color. The sun was as bright as could be with out being too warm.

The Bride carried pink and white roses & the groom wore a double white rose boutonniere, both designed here at the Colonial Gardens B&BFor the best and most meaningful elegant wedding remember to come by the Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast 800-886-9715
1109 Jamestown Road Williamsburg VA

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Williamsburg Vow Renewals & Weddings

It seems to be the thing to do anywhere in the world today and in all walks of life, “the vow renewal” a marriage trend that has swept Hollywood and many others off their feet.

To name but just a few, Madonna and Guy Ritchie renewed their vows. Robert De Niro and his wife said "I do" again.

Recommitting to your partner with vow renewal ceremonies large and small is increasing in popularity, so if you've got some questions about how to commemorate your years together, we've got the answers.

Why Renew?
To celebrate of course! Perhaps your marriage has stood the test of time say 10 years, 20 years, or even 50 years, you want your partner and the world to know you would do it again. Maybe you want to reaffirm your commitment to the love of your life after a rough period in your marriage.

Who Hosts?
Most couples host their own renewals, and some have their children participate this time around. Since a vow renewal is not a legally binding ceremony, you can have whomever you want to officiate -- a clergyperson, a close friend, a relative, or even your children.

What Happens?
The basic premise is to exchange vows, just as you did when you first said “I DO”. You can either recite the same words you spoke then, or compose new ones to mark this special occasion and how you feel now. After the vows you can exchange rings. Either engrave your original bands with something like the date of your vow renewal or purchase new rings expressly for the reaffirmation – who does not like to upgrade their jewelry? Family members and special friends can do readings, and you can have meaningful music playing, just as you would at a wedding ceremony.

How to Celebrate?
Once the vows are spoken, and rings are swapped, the happy couple makes their way back down the aisle, it's time to party. Anything goes here; this is about your marriage, your bond so do what ever it is that makes you feel special, from an intimate family garden affair to a large, sit-down as lavish as any traditional wedding reception.

The Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast is a perfect spot to help fulfill your dreams of walking down the aisle again and showing your friends and family a great, elegant time.

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